Chapter summary imageHow Do Societies Pass on Information?

How do societies pass on information?

  • through education and religion

How does education affect society?

  • functionalism: education fulfills important functions for society
  • conflict theory: the hidden curriculum justifies social inequalities
  • symbolic interactionism: labelling and teacher expectations can affect students' learning
  • feminist theory: females and males have different experiences in education

How does religion affect society?

  • functionalism: religion binds people together through ritual and tradition
  • conflict theory: religion legitimizes social inequalities
  • symbolic interactionism: everything in the world can be interpreted as profane or sacred and is defined according to a belief system
  • feminist theory: religion, like all other social institutions, is very patriarchal, but feminists are looking at how women can increase their participation

What social policies help children get a better education?

  • the Africentric Alternative School was opened in Toronto in hopes of reducing the dropout rate of African and Caribbean Canadian students